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Men of Issachar

1Chronicles 12:32 speaks of men of Issachar who understood the times. Today, God is calling for men who understand the times – men who will pray with godly authority for heavens kingdom to invade the kingdoms of this world. Such men are found in Aglow!

What is “Men of Issachar”?

Dave McDanielDave McDaniel
Men of Issachar Director

After recent discussions at the Aglow Headquarters Office, it has been decided that Men of Aglow, or Men’s Aglow, would officially become Men of Issachar, Aglow International.  Any Aglow group comprised of men will now be called a Men of Issachar group.

The Men of Issachar prayer network is now an intricate part of the Men of Issachar, Aglow International.  With a discerning and understanding of the times, men are invited to join together and bring a godly influence and change into their sphere of influence by being a carrier of His Presence in the earth.

Who Can Enlist with Men of Issachar?

Any man (no age requirements!) who has personally accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and has a desire to pray may enlist. Expect to pray. Expect to grow in your prayer life. Expect to make a difference through prayer. Your first step is to click on the link below to subscribe to our monthly newsletter.



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