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By enrolling in AIM, you become part of the nearly 3.5 million students who have chosen online schools as a means of furthering their education and development. Over the past 5 years, online enrollments have increased annually by 21.5%. It is the way of the future…and Aglow is there!

We are committed to providing you with curriculum that will not only increase your understanding and knowledge of the Word of God, but lead you into a deeper understanding of the One Who is the Word; not only increase your leadership skills, but develop you as a leader. We want to help equip you to advance the Kingdom of God in various and diverse expressions, thereby impacting your world and sphere of influence.

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True Identity

True Identity by Diane M. Fink

Did you ever notice the way things in the natural parallel those in the spiritual. Did you know that identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world today? Through “phishing,” “smishing,” and “vishing” – electronic scams intended to gain access to your personal information – over 11.7 million people in the US were victims of identity theft in the past 2 years. Worldwide, the financial toll has reached $220 billion, not to mention the personal impact – financial and emotional – on those who have experienced having their identity stolen.

In the spiritual realm, we face an enemy that is out to not only steal, but to distort and destroy our God-given identity. His plan, worked out through negative life experiences and pain, is to keep us bound in an identity of shame and reproach, never seeing ourselves in the fullness of love and grace that God intends. But God is in the business of transforming our distorted identities and restoring us to His image for our lives!

To quote Graham Cooke:

Our true identity must impact on our behavior because identity is the key to transformation. When we know who we are in Jesus and more importantly, who He is for us then we can learn how to stand and walk in the Holy Spirit.

It is very difficult to become Christ like when everything is going well. Our persona in Christ grows strong through overcoming. The Holy Spirit loves to teach us the internal practice of alignment with Jesus and who He is for us.

This book enables us to navigate our way into a present future mindset and lifestyle. Diane takes us on a journey that enables us to understand the development process of growing up into all things in Christ.

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