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AIM Frequently Asked Questions 

What is AIM?

AIM – is the acronym for the Aglow Institute of Ministry.

AIM builds on Aglow’s 40 years of experience in teaching, discipling, and raising up women leaders around the world.

The Goal of the Aglow Institute of Ministry (AIM)

Using worldwide web technology, our goal is to offer you a cutting edge, online institute of learning that awards you certificates for your studies, helps you enhance and increase your ministry skills, and deepens your personal walk with the Lord. It’s important to us that our courses help develop people of maturity, wisdom, and godly character who will advance and establish the Kingdom of God in diverse expressions throughout the world.

Our purpose is to fulfill the biblical injunction found in Ephesians 4:12: For the equipping of the saints for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ…

Whether the “work of the ministry” is over a cup of coffee with a neighbor, being a witness in the family, workplace, or community, or leading a worldwide organization, we want to help you influence your world!

ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE – two key words for AIM!
ACCESSIBLE: An internet connection is all you need to be part of AIM!
AFFORDABLE: Keeping costs as low as possible is our “aim”!

Because of the juncture in our history in which we find ourselves, we realize that God has been calling Aglow up higher in His purposes for this ministry and in His purposes for Aglow’s role in the body of Christ as well. As we continue to expand in scope, vision, and visibility, the level of our preparation and equipping must also be stepped up if we are to increase our effectiveness. We believe that providing forward-looking opportunities such as online education, which has no physical boundaries, is the way of the future.


There is an annual enrollment fee of $25.00. Once enrolled, you can take as many courses in the year as you like.

Per Course Tuition Fee is $95.00.

Course "Audit Only" Fee is $65.00. This enables you to take Aglow "core" courses for personal enrichment without some of the requirements of taking a course for certification credit.

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What educational benefit can I expect to achieve through AIM?

Our heart in offering an online Institute is to enhance, enrich, and equip you.

    • Enhance your understanding and knowledge of the Word.
    • Equip you for even more effective ministry.
    • Enrich your personal relationship with the Lord.

You can enroll in courses to earn certificates for your studies or for personal study and growth. As a student, you earn certificates requiring varying levels of course completion. Below is a list of the certificates currently being offered.

You can be sure that the courses offered are of the highest caliber, from teachers and leaders across a wide spectrum of the body of Christ.



Each of the following certificates is awarded on completion of all the courses in the specific area of study:

• Certificate of Aglow Ministry Mandates (Male/Female, Israel, Islam, Prayer, Transformation Evangelism)
• Certificate of Personal Leadership Development (developing the leader)



         To earn a General Studies Certificate, the student must complete all 9 courses (27 Course Units).

  • Event Credit and/or is Prior Learning/Ministry Credit available for this Certificate. (Student  to contact the AIM Office to discuss procedure.)


The Aglow Institute of Ministry is not an accredited organization. While we philosophically understand  and approve the purpose of accreditation, Aglow believes the complicated and costly process involved in becoming accredited, as well as the ongoing administrative workload needed to maintain the stringent regulations required by accrediting agencies, would prove to be a hindrance in accomplishing what AIM is called to do.

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Are courses offered at only at specific times of the year?

Unlike the academic calendar in a traditional school, AIM offers courses "on-demand," which means you can take any of our classes at any time during the year.

You can choose from our list of courses and take as many or as few classes as your schedule allows. Courses need not be taken in a specific order or from a particular concentration unless you want to earn a certificate in a specific area of study. 

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What kind of course work is involved in AIM classes?

All course work, which includes video instruction, is accessed through an online “virtual” classroom where you view the lectures, submit assignments, and complete the final exam. Video lectures vary in time, the least being approximately one hour, up to 6 or 7 hours of online, video instruction. However, all lectures are presented in 30 minute segments so you can view them in your own time schedule at any time of the day or night. You can watch the lectures as many times as needed. AIM is very much an “on demand” program.

With each course, you receive a book, which is the course text, and a syllabus that is filled in as you watch the lectures. Our course texts are not textbooks in the traditional sense of the word, but are books that are pertinent to the subject matter, sometimes written by the course instructor, and sometimes not. Depending on the course, there may also be additional resources that you access online, and assignments to complete which are submitted online.

The final exam is a 100-question, True/False and Multiple Choice, open-book exam. You have two attempts at the exam and the highest score is recorded as your grade for the course.

You have 65 days to complete each course. We have found this to be a very doable time frame, even for those working full time.

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 How do I enroll and take a course through AIM?

Enrollment, registration, and all course work are accessed through the Internet on your computer.

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How much do AIM courses cost?

We are committed to providing a high-quality program at the lowest possible cost so that AIM is affordable, yet still maintains the highest standards of training and impartation that equips you to meet the challenges of living and ministering in today's world.

The costs include an annual $25.00 USD enrollment fee, which allows you to take as many courses as you want within that year.

Tuition per course is $95.00.

Each course earns 3 Course Units when completed.

Course "Audit Only" fee is $65.00. Auditing a course allows you access to online video lectures as well as all course materials.

If you were to consider other online equipping schools, you’d find that our cost is comparable and reasonable. As an example, one online ministry school charges $50.00 per Teaching Unit (TU) and courses vary in the number of TUs earned from 2 to 6. Therefore, courses can range from $100.00 to $300.00.

Our goal is to make the Aglow Institute of Ministry both ACCESSIBLE and AFFORDABLE!

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What does an online classroom look like?  

AIM is utilizing a program called “Moodle” for our virtual classroom. Here’s an example of what the front page of Moodle might look like, although the  front page is updated periodically.

Once you are enrolled, your Moodle login and password take you to your personal page where you’ll see all of the courses in which you are registered.

Moodle is a very user-friendly program!

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Do I have to be part of Aglow to take courses in AIM?

No! We want to include those beyond the immediate scope of our ministry to include men and women from churches, ministries, businesses…anyone interested in growing and increasing their ministry skills is invited to be part of AIM.

All courses are in English.

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What kinds of courses are offered through AIM?

Courses are available in the following concentrations:
•    Aglow mandates (Male/Female Reconciliation, Israel, Islam, Prayer, Transformation Evangelism)
•    Developing the leader

For a complete list of courses, click here: Course List page.

There are creative ways for you to earn Course Units towards your certificates, such as attending Aglow conferences, regional gatherings, outreach trips, and the annual Israel journey.

Each course in AIM will earn 3 Course Units. Certificates require from 12 to 27 Course Units to complete. See the Educational Benefit FAQ for a listing of Certificates available.

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Can I receive credit for prior learning?

The answer is yes! For the General Studies Certificate, we will consider prior training and/or ministry experience for part of the Course Units required. For more information, contact

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